An entire computer system can receive user input, process it, and carry out the required functions, and display the output. It should efficiently store the input or the output and should carry out all these steps in minimal time. A computer can be thought of as a combination of its hardware and software. These two work together to transform data into information.

A computer system is a set of hardware as well as software components that together make the computer function. Major hardware devices include a keyboard, monitor, mouse, and chips, among other optional as well as necessary components. The software includes basic applications and kernel as well as shell scripts, which make the computer understand the inputs and carry out the required functionalities.

These days, computers are being used for all types of applications ranging from complex calculations to leisure games, among others. Any task that can be carried out systematically, it can also be carried out by a computer. In a nutshell, the functional components of a computer can be summarized as below:

  • Input Unit

The input unit of the computer system is responsible for accepting the data. For this, it uses standard input devices, like the ones mentioned above, namely, mouse, keyboard, scanner, bar code reader, and such.

  • Output Unit

This unit is responsible for displaying the data to the user. This data, or information, is the processed data displayed in a human-readable format. The output unit performs these functions. Standard output devices (hardware) include monitor or screen, speaker, printer, and such.

  • Processing Unit
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This unit is responsible for carrying out the given instructions on the provided data. These unit’s functions are performed by the Central Processing Unit (CPU). CPU further has the following components:

  • Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU): This unit performs all the arithmetic calculations or logical instructions. Arithmetic calculations include +, – , * , / , among others, while logical instructions include < , > , = , etc.
  • Control Unit (CU): This unit controls the execution of the instructions. It times their implementation according to their priority and makes the ALU and other groups carry them out.
  • Primary Memory: The CPU needs storage space to store the data while the instructions are being carried out. This storage space is called primary memory. It is a collection of registers.

Storage Unit

This is the permanent storage space that stores any kind of data. There are various types of storage devices, such as hard disks, CDs, pen drives, and DVDs, among others.

Computers come in various types, including embedded computers, personal computers such as laptops, desktops, and smartphones, among others, programmable computers, workstations, mainframes, and supercomputers. Each has its unique functionalities and importance. In today’s digital age, there is a rapid adoption in these computer systems. Besides, owing to the proliferation of the internet, one cannot do without a computer anymore. Computers provide speed, reliability, high storage capacity, accuracy, and versatility. While all of these characteristics are very important, computers fundamentally lack decision-making power and have zero IQ. Thus, without a human operating it, a computer cannot do much. However, AI and machine learning has come a long way and many operations are optimized. Of course businesses have rushed to utilize these to slim down there operations. Adult sites like fuckbook and other hookup apps have been at the forefront of utilizing this tech to maximize profits.